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Artifact Inventory

When you open each bin you will find five plastic bags containing the artifacts for each culture. These artifacts can be separated into 2 bins to allow you to run two 10-hour classes concurrently per semester, or quarter. These bags, labeled A, B, C, D, and E correspond to stratigraphic levels, with "E" being the oldest and deepest level. Each level is designated by distinct time periods.

A. Most recent "multi-cultural" level showing the intermixing of the cultures. Epitomized by evolved technology and art.

B. "Stable society," when each culture was distinct and epitomized what would become that cultures "style". Usually unique art work depicting a temple, household, tomb etc. Bronze or iron metalwork jewelry and wheeled pots.

C. A "shift" or change in each culture perhaps depicting war, conquest, environmental impact, technological advance, trade, migration etc. Usually shown through different styled artwork, technology, or materials change, ash, bones, iron arrowheads and human teeth.

D. The beginning of sustainable agriculture heralds "Emerging civilization" in this level. The society begins to form once the lands inhabitants discover ways to control the nearby waterways to divert flooding and provide irrigation. Once they begin to farm, rather than hunt and gather they slowly settle into permanent dwellings and establish community infrastructure such as rods, city walls, temples, water supplies, food storage areas and market places. The society becomes organized into specialized skills such as potter, baker, metalworker, and classes of rich, poor, merchant, laborer, and priests. Etc. They people store grain and domesticate animals to meet times of less abundance. This site is usually depicted with grain, wheeled pottery, bronze tools, simple beads, craft and artwork to show leisure time and a more settled lifestyle.

E. This level is symbolic of the "Hunter/Gatherer" people. Home sites could be seasonal, and of simple construction. You might find, a cook hearth, copper metal work, hand built pottery, baskets, stone arrowheads, rock carvings, and animal bones.
The artifact inventory for each culture is relayed on the following pages according to culture. Included are suggested site location, era, and possible story lines included.