egyptian wall carving
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Lesson Plans

Class Curriculum for the Archaeology Project

Pre class preparation
It is important to view all material on the web site before teaching this class. There are a series of suggested videos in the resource section, available in most libraries that would also be advantageous to see, to gain a well-rounded picture of archaeology, anthropology, cultures, their interaction and place in history. There are also numerous links to web sites on Archaeology, Anthropology, and information about each of the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Israel and Rome. Further it is recommended that you visit a current archaeological excavation site to see the techniques in action. There is usually a "dig" going on through neighboring Universities, Historical Societies or Museums. Spending a day visiting a site in progress is usually interesting and will greatly increase your credibility with students when you relay your experience. You may also find it valuable to take students as a field trip. If no site is available there are several videos listed in the resource section from which you can take advantage.

Materials Preparation
If you are using the Horizon’s Alternative School’s materials you will find

1. Ten 55 gallon wheeled plastic bins with covers
2. Ten square sifting screens
3. Ten plastic buckets with trowels and brushes
4. Boxes of small plastic bags
5. Master copy of identification tags
6. Ten timelines, one for each culture
7. Two laminated time lines of whole area together
8. Pictures of facsimiled artifacts with description and dates
9. Five master copies of Archaeological Journals, one for each culture
10. Instructions on how to create and fill the bins
11. The Artifacts