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Client Testimonials

Center for Innovations in Teaching and Technology

”Hosting web course development workshops; programming stand–alone web courses in Dreamweaver; researching and developing a database matrix of leadership development courses and strategies; helping create the University Leadership Development website. If this sounds like a wide-ranging list, that’s because Kim was a quick study and was willing to tackle technologies she had never engaged. Her social interaction skills were valued at CITT: she worked well with our faculty clients and demonstrated trainer-level platform skills, and she did all of her projects with enthusiasm and good humor. Kim would work best in a technology leadership position, such as a manager who develops technology curriculum, oversees its implementation, and guides its subsequent evaluation.”

Martin Tessemer, Phd Director
Center for Innovations in Teaching and Technology

“In her position with CITT, Ms. Hansen worked as a trainer, project leader, and consultant with faculty. She worked with faculty helping them to use technology in their teaching, organizing and delivering training, and developing electronic portfolio projects for UCD. She is an excellent consultant and a patient teacher. Ms. Hansen also works well in a team situation. Everything we do in CITT is a collaborative venture among several people. She worked well as both leader and team member. She is a relaxed, self-directed person who is not troubled by ambiguity or frequently changing job requirements. She was a pleasure to work with.”

Scott Grabinger, Phd Director,
Center for Innovations in Teaching and Technology

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Coach Industries
Kim Hansen has created a beautiful and easy to use website, that has been much admired and used by our international clients.

Colorado Community Health Networks

“After an extensive search for the right contractor, we hired Kim to help us create an interactive, web-based training. This training enables enrollment workers at Colorado's Federally Qualified Health Centers to assist patients in becoming enrolled in Medicaid. Kim's wealth of knowledge has allowed us to take our initial conceptions and see them come to fruition. Her incredible calmness, and 'can do' attitude have been a much needed source of sanity to what was otherwise feeling like a monumental task. Kim has been extremely easy to work with - asking the right questions at the right time to help us make a product that will truly be of benefit and value to our clients.”

Cherri J. Pruitt
Policy Analyst
Colorado Community Health Networks

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Department of Information Learning Technologies

“Kim’s contributions always reflected an understanding of the audience, an ability to engage participants in discussion, and a sensitivity to group dynamics. She researched and collected appropriate online resources to support the learning activities. With very little input from me, Kim kept the project on schedule, and kept me on schedule! Without her creative energy and support, this course would not be ready for the spring semester.”

Johanna Dunlap Phd Professor
Information Learning Technologies

“Kim has good technology skills in web site design and development, digital portfolio software, digital assessment programs, graphic presentation software programs, and database tools. She has particular expertise in the area of performance-based assessments and portfolios, supporting both faculty and students in these assessment practices. Kim is self-directed and works well with others. She likes to organize teams to tackle problems. She has good values of creativity, human connection, learning communities, and humane use of technology. “

Brent Wilson Phd Professor and Coordinator
Information Learning Technologies

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Eco-Cycle of Boulder

“ Kim’s Brain is a resource that I now keep in my toolbox that helps me to focus on the emerging opportunities for using both the Internet and Presentation Technology to further my companies success. I am a busy CEO, and I know that I need to stay current on how best to use the new Digital Frontier, but I don’t have the time or money to do it right. Kim has brought me excellent value as a personal resource on these issues.”

Eric Lombardi
President and CEO of Eco-Cycle



"Kim helped us take our existing online training to a whole new level with her expertise in designing and developing online courses. Our new line of training products is much improved for having worked with Kim."

Bob Shively
Enerdynamics LLC

On Cape Publications / Bouse Editorial

“When it came to designing a companion Web site for A Public Betrayed, we were at a complete loss. Kim was a lifesaver, coming up with a fantastic conceptual framework along with the rough outline of super-attractive, user-friendly, and very appropriate graphics. In addition to selling our book, we wanted to make the site an educational venture, and Kim was able to help us present a lot of information in a very accessible manner. Her knowledge of the way people actually use Web sites allowed us to avoid many typical user problems and snafus. Kim worked extremely well within our team to create an informational, text-heavy but nonetheless attractive and user-friendly Web site. We are very pleased!”

Susan Bouse, Phd, Publishing Consultant
Bouse Editorial

Passageways Institute

"Kim has brought creativity, generosity and versatile technical skills that has supported us in creating a website that is rich with information and engaging graphics. Her attention to detail and her commitment to social justice and education really has allowed our organization to trust her discernment when presenting our mission and purpose. We are grateful for her patience and kindness."

Rachael Kessler, author of
"The Soul of Education"

Passageways Institute


Zenodata Corporation

“Kim has excellent ideas and vision. She is able to see the larger picture of training in an organization, as well as its many parts. Her ideas are creative and based on sound adult learning theory and instructional design principles. She also has sensitivity to differences spanning cultural and learning environments. One of her strongest attributes is her ability and willingness to research a training problem and approach it from several different angles.”

T. Rapplean
Training Manager
Zenodata Corporation

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