" If all of us, leaders and followers alike, would embrace the principles of soulful teaching and learning that Rachael Kessler advocates so convincingly...we would neither tolerate nor promote an education that ignores the inner life."

The PassageWays Institute, founded and directed by Rachael Kessler,
is dedicated to transforming the culture of classrooms, schools and
districts so that the inner life of students and teachers is safe, nurtured
and welcomed. By “inner life” we refer to that essential aspect of
human nature that yearns for deep connection, grapples with difficult
questions about meaning, and seeks a sense of purpose and genuine
self-expression. For twenty years, our model for supporting these
yearnings in young people has fostered the development of compassion
and character, humility and excellence, and skills for collaboration and
dialogue that are essential for a just democracy and a sustainable world.

Just imagine …

How your life would have been different if:

  • Teachers had encouraged you to express the yearnings in your heart?
  • Classrooms had been safe for you to talk about what mattered most to you?
  • You had been shown respect by elders and peers for the courage of your authenticity?

How you would have grown if:

  • Your mentors had taught you about stillness and silence as ways to learning, creativity, and fulfillment?
  • Teachers had taught you that taking risks and making mistakes are essential to inventing new solutions to problems old and new?

How our world would look and feel if:

  • Children and teenagers were offered experiences that lead to respect and empathy for people who differ from them in appearance, belief, and class?
  • Our classrooms and schools became communities where compassion and forgiveness arise naturally from meaningful connections?

The mission of the PassageWays Institute
is to motivate, prepare, and support educators to implement its proven model for nurturing the inner lives of students and teachers.

The vision of the PassageWays Institute is of a world in which all young people are nurtured in their search for meaning, deep connection and integrity, building character and excellence in ways that foster compassion for themselves and for the people and world around them.

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