Project Showcase

Accessibility Training Report
Link to report on creating accessible websites for disabled users.
Accessibility Presentation Materials
Includes research, presentation, and training handouts, prepared through the Center for Innovations in Teaching and Technology.

Afghan Women Project Report
Link to report on the Afghan Women Project. Afghan Project Materials
Includes the class outline, and instructional handout.

Archaeology Project Report
Link to report and materials.
Archaeology Project Website An online instuction and resource guide on how to teach archaeology to school children.

Authentic Leadership Report
Authentic Leadership Materials
Link to materials related to the Leadership conference. This includes a personal reflection on a week long module with Margaret Wheatley, general information about the Instititue, and my ongoing role in developing their online community.

Center for Innovations in Teaching and Technology website. I wrote much of the content for the CITT site, where I worked at CITT as an instructional design intern for a year and a half. Please see the "portfolio" and "about us" sections of this site for more information on these projects.

Coach Site Justification of Design Decisions Report created for the Message Design class this international corporate product site report shows formative evaluation.
Coach Industries Website
Link to Coach Industries product website

Electronic Assessment Portfolio Report
Link to EAP report.
Electronic Assessment Portfolio Website . An instructional website developed for learners on the purpose, use, and creation of assessment and digital portfolios.

Emerging Leaders Project Report
Link to the report, research and materials
for the ELP project.
Emerging Leaders Project Website The purpose
of this project is to instruct, archive, and communicate inforamtion to those involved in the Emerging Leaders Program at CU.

Lab Safety Project Report
Link to report and materials on the Lab Safety course.
Lab Safety Website An online course developed for the four CU campuses, to offer standardized instruction, resources and referenced informaton on labratory safety.