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Kim Hansen
Instructional Designer



As an experienced instructional designer, online learning educational administrator and project manager, I effectively use traditional instructional methodologies, current learning technologies and assessment tools to develop sophisticated training and educational projects. My rich background working with a wide variety of subject matter experts and content allows me to skillfully develop measurable curriculum and training materials within a vast array of topics. Below is an overview of my experience in online learning and curriculum development.

• Manager for an Instructional Design Department in Medical Staff Services, at an Academic Research Hospital in Doha, Qatar
• Assistant Director of Education for an online college, managing three departments; Instructional Design, Course Development and Multimedia
• Managed the maintenance, design, development, evaluation and improvement of 325 online courses delivered through a Master Course System
• Oversaw the operation and maintenance of 800 sections of online courses servicing over 5,500 online students and supporting 300 faculty
• Experienced in utilizing several Learning Management Systems to provide media rich online content delivery
• Performed needs analysis and assessment, as well as, formative and summative performance, and Return on Investment evaluations
• Knowledgeable about assessment standards for higher education accreditation as well as medical accreditation
• Experienced Curriculum Developer, Instructional Technologist, Documentation Specialist, Presenter, trainer, and educational consultant
• Strong background in project management, coordination, and leadership
• High-level writer, developer of Leadership, Management, and Organizational Development soft-skill curriculum
• Strong research, analysis, and organizational skills
• Design and develop instructional web sites for presentational content, published books and textbooks
• Created presentation materials, programmed instruction, web design and e-learning for a wide variety of subject matter
• Developed course content material and write curriculum for Healthcare, Higher Education, Business, Marketing, Technology, Lean manufacturing, Zero Waste Planning, Science, Gas and Electric Utilities, Resource Management, k-12, Non-profits, soft skills, online and instructor led delivery
• Train employees in off-site, or out-source locations, have worked abroad for 4 years, knowledgeable and skilled in multi-cultural work environment, technical training, and leadership / management issues

Leadership Management Experience
Currently Manager of the Instructional Design Department for an Academic Research Hospital, designing and developing over 300 eLearning sessions for Orientation and Continuing Professional Development in Medical Education. Design and maintain the Clinical Orientation Site and Online Portfolio http://orientation.sidra.org/

Assistant Director of Education for an Online College leading three departments: Instructional Design, Course Development and Multimedia. Managed a staff of twenty eL earning professionals creating and maintaining 325 online college courses. Collaborate and work closely with high level Administrators, Program Directors, Lead Faculty, Curriculum Managers, Marketing/Sales, IT and Communications Departments
Responsible for daily operations in overseeing the learning management system, continuous course developement and ongoing curriculum improvement. Guided continuous review and improvement

Project Management Skills and Experience
I creatively use current and traditional instructional methods, adult learning theories, assessment, evaluation, technology, communication, and collaboration skills to successfully navigate and complete complex projects. I’m able to coordinate multiple schedules, manage meetings, and facilitate diverse groups in identifying and achieving goals and deadlines. My experience working with a wide variety of subject matter experts, instructional methodologies, and complex content, allows me to effectively develop qualitatively measurable curriculum and instructional training materials.

My instructional design consultancy work was profiled in the Boulder County Business Report, December, 2005 issue. A copy of the article can be viewed at this link: http://www.transformativedesigns.com/bcbr.html

Managed numerous complex training projects for a variety of clients whose content includes:
Assessment and Evaluation
Business and Leadership Consulting
Business Planning
E-Commerce and Marketing
Gas, Electricity and Alternate Utilities
Higher Education
K through 12 Education
Lab Safety
Lean Manufacturing
Management Training
Online Portfolios
Real Estate and Financial Investment
Software training
Training Faculty in Technology
Web Design
Zero Waste Community Planning

Managed the Online Portfolio Project for the University of Colorado Coordinated and led meetings with faculty and department chairs to utilize online portfolios for departmental performance improvement. Met with and trained faculty on technology, assessment, and portfolio design topics. Researched participants involved in the portfolio project. Beta tested portfolio software. Created portfolios for faculty and departments at CU such as: School of Education, Communications, Music, Business, Nursing, and Pharmacy. Created a web based tool to train stakeholders on issues related to online portfolios; please see the Electronic Assessment Portfolio link in my Portfolio page.

Managed the Laboratory Safety Instruction Project for the University of Colorado. Scheduled coordinated and led a team of three designers, working with five subject matter experts in the field of risk management and laboratory safety. Designed, and developed a lab safety web site for all CU campuses. Please see Lab Safety link.

Managed the Emerging Leaders Project for CU President Elizabeth Hoffman. This project involved significant research, analysis, and reporting of current issues in academic leadership training. The project culminated in the Emerging Leaders Web site., which is still being used in CU's 2030 plan. Please see link in my Portfolio.

Technology Skills
Mac and Windows OS, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Digital assessment portfolios, Connect, Articulate Presenter, Engage, Xcelsius, Captivate, Inspiration, Power Point, MS Word, Excel, digital photography, video editing, accessible technology for the disabled, educational software and technology tools, Learning Portals, Moodle, Bryght, Drupal, wikis, Second Life, WBT, CBT, e-learning, LMS(s) Moodle, Blackboard, and eCollege.

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Education and Awards

M.A. in Information Learning Technologies and Education, University of Colorado, Denver
B.S. Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder
Recipient of the Apple Foundation’s Excellence in Science Education Program Boulder Valley School District for k-8 Archaeology Curriculum
Member of PSI CHI National Honor Society
Recipient of the 2005 COVR Web Site of the Year award
Contributing writer of articles for the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) and the Boulder Writers Alliance.

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Presentations and Publications

Published Designing a Content Management System to Support the Development of a Multi-Modality Curriculum in an All-Digital Facility for Well-Cornell Medical School, Qatar's Topic of the Month http://qatar-weill.cornell.edu/cpd/designing-content-management-system.html
Presented on "Designing a Curriculum Management System for Delivery of Multi Modality Medical Education" at the Educational Health Conference, University of Calgary, Qatar March 2015
Presented on "Designing a Curriculum Management System for Delivery of Multi Modality Medical Education" at the ICERI conference, Seville, Spain Nov 2014
Presented on
Presented on "Utilizing Second Life in Instructional Design" in a Second Life virtual presentation room hosted by the University of Colorado, Boulder, Atlas Building, March 2008.
Presented on the use of "Adobe Breeze in eL earning and Online Presentations" at DMELD Denver Metro Area E-Learning Developers group, January 2008.
Presented on "Second Life for Writers" in September 2007 at the Boulder Writers Alliance annual Expo.
Presented “Designing E-Learning with Articulate Presenter and Xcelsius” at the DMELD, Denver Metro Area E-Learning Developers group April 2006.
Presented “Design Skills Boot Camp” with Patti Shank and Learning Peaks at the Online Learning Conference; 2003 and 2004, and 2005 VNU Online Learning Conference.
Presented “Learning Technologies in the Classroom” at the ACE, Alliance for Compassionate Education conference, June 2005.
Presented “Best Practices in Instructional Design” BWA, Boulder Writers Alliance conference, September 2005.
Presented “Stop Whining it’s Good Design” on W3C Compliance of adaptive web technologies for the disabled at the 2003 Teaching With Technology Conference, University of Colorado, Boulder
In 2002, presented for “The Afghan Women’s Project” a U.S. State Department Project teaching Afghan women leaders how to use the internet to research grants for rebuilding their country.


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Employment History and Relevant Experience

Sidra Academic Medical Research Center in Doha, Qatar 1/2012 to present
Manage the Design and Development of over 300 eL earning Sessions for Medical Education. Designed and developed the Clinical Staff Sidra Orientation Site and Online Portfolio. Manage and maintain Sidra's Curriculum Management System. Work with multiple stakeholders to design, develop and deliver curriculum, education and training to clinical staff.

Instructional Designer private consultant and contractor 9/02 to 1/12
Creating instructional materials and web based training for a diverse variety of subject matter experts and clients who include:

Client list

  • Alliance for Compassionate Education
  • Blue Opal Business Consulting
  • Care Transitions Program (UCHSC)
  • Center for Authentic Leadership
  • Charter Communications
  • Colorado Community Health Networks
  • Colorado Corn / Farm Profit
  • Coach Industries
  • Eco-cycle of Boulder
  • eLeanTraining International
  • Enerdynamics Energy Training
  • Flow Alliance - Flow Manufacturing
  • Get Started Media
  • Invivio Consulting
  • Mediators Without Borders
  • On Cape Publications
  • On the Spot Books
  • Passageways Institute
  • Peak Pilates
  • Sterling and Ledet (Adobe/Macromedia)
  • University of Colorado
  • Zenodata Corporation

E-Learning Consultant, Mediators without Borders 4/11 to 8/11

Reviewed and created training materials for in person and online instruction in mediation and dispute resolution skills. Project manager for their Moodle learning management system course migration and web site redevelopment. Created evaluations and student assessment for current training and redeveloped curriculum for future training. Created online presentations and audio scripts for mediation training.

Assistant Director of Education for Instructional Design, Course Development and Multimedia, Alta Online College
Managed the design, development, evaluation and enhancement of 325 online college courses.

Instructional Design Consultant, Care Transitions Program 2/08 to 3/11

Performed a Needs Analysis for a grant to create eL earning modules for health care workers. These modules will teach care providers to effectively coach patients so that clients may independently manage their home healthcare post hospitalization. Analysis included train the provider, as well as, train the coach. The grant was awarded and the el earning is being developed in the '09 year.

Instructional Design Consultant, E-Lean Training International 9/05 to 12/10

Design and develop web based training, instructional, and presentational activities and materials for eLeanTraining International on Lean Manufacturing content. This growing company is creating e-learning to train operators and production workers on how to best implement Lean manufacturing principles and techniques into their work.

Instructional Design Consultant, Eco-Cycle and GRRN 3/06 to 3/08

Provided ongoing consulting to Eco-cycle through designing and developing web based training, instructional, and presentational activities and materials for Eco-Cycle of Boulder, on Zero Waste Community Planning and Resource Management content. Recently developed their half day presentation materials for a panel of Zero Waste experts on topics such as Up-Stream purchasing, Landfill Policies, Community planning, stakeholder negotiations, and Equal Space Ordinances. This successful presentation is currently being expanded and replicated to sites around North America.

Instructional Design Consultant, Get Started Media 10/06 to 1/07

Designed and wrote six e-learning module lessons on developing Business Plans, and Offline and Online Marketing. Created a narrated script, visuals and screen transitions, interactions, and animations along with setting objectives and corresponding assessment.

Instructional Design Consultant, Enerdynamics Energy Education 1/06 to 9/06

Designed and developed a series of six e-learning modules on Electricity Systems, Markets, and Operations for an Energy Education company. Created a narrated script, visuals and screen transitions, interactions, and animations. Designed and set lesson objectives, corresponding assessments, and online module evaluations.

Instructional Design Contractor, Charter Communications 2/05 to 11/05

Created Leadership and Management Curriculum for high level instructor led training to management teams and executive level leaders on subject areas such as:

  • Leadership
  • Communication Skills
  • Motivation
  • Problem Solving
  • Role Modeling Effective Management
  • Essential Business and Management Skills - Time management, Paperwork, Organization skills, Human Resources, Conflict Resolution, Meeting Protocol
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Front line and Mid Level Leadership Development

Instructional Designer, Zenodata Corporation consultant/contractor 8/04 to 10/04

Designed and documented content to train in real estate and legal
document title search, technical, software, and database entry skills.
Designed and developed an online corporate intranet manual, which trained software and database skills to an out-source workforce.
Developed out-source employee training.
Consulted and made recommendations for enhancement of management, orientation, and leadership training.
Observed, evaluated, and made recommendation for improving
out-source trainer skills and management.
Provided usability assessment and needs analysis for end-user customer/sales and marketing product training.

Instructional Designer, Information Learning Technologies Department, University of Colorado, Denver 6/03 to 12/03

Researched and redesigned online training courses in E-College for
Professors J. Dunlap and B. Wilson at UCD on “Designing E-learning,”
and “Current Trends and Issues in Information Technology.”

Instructional Designer, Center for Innovations in Teaching and Technology, University of Colorado, Denver 12/01 to 6/03

  • Assisted and supported clients in technology tools and applications.
  • Presented workshops on: Internet Training, Inspiration, Video Editing, Accessible Design, Fireworks, Assessment and Electronic Portfolios.
  • Created web sites and designed technology training and support for faculty, departments, and programs at all CU campuses.
  • Provided support and assisted in the design and development of digital portfolios for faculty, students, and departments.
  • Researched leadership training in both corporate and academic venues.
  • Developed Emerging Leaders Program web site.
  • Managed Electronic Portfolio Assessment project; coordinated, and presented at CU faculty assessment committee meetings.
  • Beta tested the Personal Learning Portal created by David Gibson.
  • Worked with individual departments and faculty in the SOE, Communications, Education Leadership, Business, Nursing, and Health Science to assess needs and support training in assessment criteria.
  • Researched expert sources and client needs, as well as past student and faculty portfolio users for performance assessment of digital portfolios.
  • Created and developed the Electronic Assessment Portfolio instructional web site. to assist learners in assessing their needs and understanding assessment portfolios (see site link below).
  • Presented and taught training for digital assessment including SOE students and faculty users via the Electronic Assessment Portfolio site.
  • Managed online Laboratory Safety Training project for CU campuses.
  • Met with laboratory supervisors, faculty, and students to observe and assess lab safety needs. Then prototyped design of programmed instructional LS web site for all CU campuses.
  • Developed training tools for the Auroria Campus Library to assess and improve their research training courses for students.
  • Researched and participated in grant writing projects and RFPs.

Contract Teacher and Community Liaison, Horizon’s Alternative School, Boulder, Colorado 9/95 to 1/02

  • Facilitated and developed instructional programs with K-8 teaching teams.
  • Wrote award winning educational grants and curriculum.
  • Designed curriculum and instructed K-8 students in: Video Filming and Editing, Photography, Art, Art History and Archaeological Science.
  • Coordinated community resources for an educational program.
  • Interviewed, hired, and evaluated non-contract teachers for a K-8 Boulder Valley public school program.

Contract Archaeologist, U.R.S., Santa Barbara, California 6/86 to 12/86

Researched, identified, and catalogued artifacts for an Oil Platform pipeline project being constructed through a Chumash Indian site at Fort Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Health Care Coordinator, Professional Home Health Care, Boulder, Colorado 9/84 to 6/86

Coordinated 100 employees for 300 clients in a health care program. I was responsible for scheduling, client support, and health worker: RNs, LPNs, home health aids and homemaker placement.

Archaeological Field Worker and Lab Technician, University of Maine, Portland, Maine 6/80 to 6/81

Surveyed and excavated early man coastal Indian sites on the islands of Casco Bay, Maine. Excavated a site on Mosier Island with a field excavation crew for 8 weeks. Researched, analyzed, and catalogued artifacts at the University of Maine’s Archaeology lab.

Social Worker, Peoples Regional Opportunity Program, Portland, Maine 9/76 to 6/80

  • Assessed and coordinated clients’ needs and services with other agencies such as: AFDC, WIC, Medicaid, health care agencies, Legal Aid, Protective Services, and substance abuse intervention providers to meet their needs.
  • Other populations I’ve worked with have included a Juvenile Restitution Program, Women’s Shelter, Senior Adults, Tibetan Refugees, Afghan women, and developmentally disabled.
  • Trained in short-term counseling, crisis intervention, and mediation to assess needs and give referrals.

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Client Testimonials

"I have known and worked closely with Kim Hansen in my role as the Associate Dean of the School of Design at Alta College for three years now. Kim is an incredibly talented conceptualist in the realm of course design, management, and administration. She has brought a special new level of sophistication to the online platform, positioning our school as one of the leading edge contributors to online education.  Kim is a creative, thoughtful and talented instructional design professional who has the scope and capability to manage highly complex academic learning management systems and improve the classroom studio. She takes full advantage of all media relative to empowering students to use their combined multiple intelligence's and in respect to diverse learning modalities in an easy to use, easy to understand, intimate and powerful classroom platform. Kim orchestrates her staff to be most efficient, most happy, and most productive, as is evidenced by the number of courses (in the hundreds) over the past two years that they have produced."

John Galen Hubbard, M.Ed.,
Alta College Online

Kim's brain is a resource that I now keep in my toolbox that helps me to focus on the emerging opportunities for using both the Internet and Presentation Technology to further my companies success. I am a busy CEO, and I know that I need to stay current on how best to use the new Digital Frontier, but I don't have the time or money to do it right. Kim has brought me excellent value as a personal resource on these issues."

Eric Lombardi
President and CEO of Eco-Cycle

"Kim helped us take our existing online training to a whole new level with her expertise in designing and developing online courses. Our new line of training products is much improved for having worked with Kim."

Bob Shively
Enerdynamics LLC

"Kim has brought creativity, generosity and versatile technical skills that has supported us in creating a web site that is rich with information and engaging graphics. Her attention to detail and her commitment to social justice and education really has allowed our organization to trust her discernment when presenting our mission and purpose. We are grateful for her patience and kindness."

Rachael Kessler, author of
"The Soul of Education"

Passageways Institute

“ When it came to designing a companion Web site for A Public Betrayed, we were at a complete loss. Kim was a lifesaver, coming up with a fantastic conceptual framework along with the rough outline of super-attractive, user-friendly, and very appropriate graphics. In addition to selling our book, we wanted to make the site an educational venture, and Kim was able to help us present a lot of information in a very accessible manner. Her knowledge of the way people actually use Web sites allowed us to avoid many typical user problems and snafus. Kim worked extremely well within our team to create an informational, text-heavy but nonetheless attractive and user-friendly Web site. We are very pleased!”

Susan Bouse, Phd,
Publishing Consultant
Bouse Editorial

“After a fairly extensive search for the right contractor, we hired Kim to help us create an interactive, web-based training that would enable enrollment workers at Colorado's Federally Qualified Health Centers to assist patients in becoming enrolled in Medicaid. Kim's wealth of knowledge has allowed us to take our initial conceptions and see them come to fruition. Her incredible calmness, and 'can do' attitude have been a much needed source of sanity to what was otherwise feeling like a monumental task. Kim has been extremely easy to work with - asking the right questions at the right time to help us make a product that will truly be of benefit and value to our clients.”

Cherri J. Pruitt
Policy Analyst
Colorado Community Health Networks

“Kim has excellent ideas and vision. She is able to see the larger picture of training in an organization, as well as its many parts. Her ideas are creative and based on sound adult learning theory and instructional design principles. She also has sensitivity to differences spanning cultural and learning environments. One of her strongest attributes is her ability and willingness to research a training problem and approach it from several different angles.”

T. RappleanTraining Manager
Zenodata Corporation

“In her position with CITT, Ms. Hansen worked as a trainer, project leader, and consultant with faculty. She worked with faculty helping them to use technology in their teaching, organizing and delivering training, and developing electronic portfolio projects for UCD. She is an excellent consultant and a patient teacher. Ms. Hansen also works well in a team situation. Everything we do in CITT is a collaborative venture among several people. She worked well as both leader and team member. She is a relaxed, self-directed person who is not troubled by ambiguity or frequently changing job requirements. She was a pleasure to work with.”

Scott Grabinger, Phd Director,
Center for Innovations in
Teaching and Technology

“Hosting web course development workshops; programming stand-alone web courses in Dreamweaver; researching and developing a database matrix of leadership development courses and strategies; helping create the University Leadership Development web site. If this sounds like a wide-ranging list, that’s because Kim was a quick study and was willing to tackle technologies she had never engaged. Her social interaction skills were valued at CITT: she worked well with our faculty clients and demonstrated trainer-level platform skills, and she did all of her projects with enthusiasm and good humor. Kim would work best in a technology leadership position, such as a manager who develops technology curriculum, oversees its implementation, and guides its subsequent evaluation.”

Martin Tessemer, Phd, Director
Center for Innovations in
Teaching and Technology

“Kim has good technology skills in web site design and development, digital portfolio software, digital assessment programs, graphic presentation software programs, and database tools. She has particular expertise in the area of performance-based assessments and portfolios, supporting both faculty and students in these assessment practices. Kim is self-directed and works well with others. She likes to organize teams to tackle problems. She has good values of creativity, human connection, learning communities, and humane use of technology.”

Brent Wilson, Phd, Professor and Coordinator
Information Learning Technologies

“Kim’s contributions always reflected an understanding of the audience, an ability to engage participants in discussion, and a sensitivity to group dynamics. She researched and collected appropriate online resources to support the learning activities. With very little input from me, Kim kept the project on schedule, and kept me on schedule! Without her creative energy and support, this course would not be ready for the spring semester.”

Johanna Dunlap, Phd, Professor
Information Learning Technologies

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